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Customers Please Read From NOWS Office

We have had several inquiries concerning bills not being recieved this past month. We print and mail all bills on the last week of every month. Payment is due on the 15th of the following month. If we do not recieve payment by 10AM on the 16th of the month, late/disconnect notices are mailed out on the afternoon of the 16th. Disconnects are on the 26th of the month if the payment is not recieved. If the 26th falls on a weekend disconnection will be made on the next business day. We waive late fee once for each customer per year. IF customers history shows no late charges in previous 12 months. Since Harvey, we have had both bills and reciepts not being recieved on both sides. We have contacted the Postal service concerning this ongoing problem. Please call the Postal Service if this is happening to you. Again, we apologise for the inconvience but we have no control over the mail sevice. Of you have not recieved your bill, please call our office and let Tara know. She can accept your payment that day by phone using a debit or credit card, she cal also email you a copy of your bill.

                         Thank you,